Over recent years, the process of radicalisation leading to violent extremism has reached critical dimensions. Inspirational ideologies for extremist groups in Europe and throughout the world are continually expanding, now including religiously motivated extremism and various forms of ideological incitement to violence (left-wing, anarchist, far-right, nationalist and separatist ideologies).

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The Action aims to raise awareness, to empower and strengthen the staff of Law Enforcement Agencies, preparing them for early recognition and prevention of any escalation of violence, and support the fight against radicalisation leading to violent extremism and terrorism

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Methodology and Innovation

As a methodology for implementation, we have chosen a successful model previously applied by KE.ME.A., developed in order to participate in various funded actions from national and European resources. Each work unit is structured as an action with specified and distinct deliverables, always in line with the whole project’s development. The working units are complementary and aim at empowering law enforcement staff to recognize and combat radicalisation and extremism (read more)

Beneficiary Population

Active professionals, mainly the staffing force of Law Enforcement Agencies, who are confronted with immediate security implications on a daily basis, constitute the population directly benefiting from this action, which meets a series of ever-increasing needs arising from the phenomenon of radicalisation and violent extremism, particularly relevant to the issue of “returnees” of foreign fighters as well as to the radicalised persons in prisons or in hosting centers of immigrants and refugees.
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