The KE.ME.A. is a scientific research and advisory institution, whose purpose is to conduct theoretical and applied research studies, strategically focusing on Security Policy and provision of related services, and to serve as an consultant body on matters of security in general.
The implementation of the Action “Enhancing Law Enforcement Agencies for the Recognition and Fighting of Radicalisation and Extremism” is structured on two parameters:

a) the multiannual experience of KE.ME.A. in claiming and implementing reseenhancementarch and educational programs funded and co-funded by the EU, and

b) the accumulated knowledge of KE.ME.A’s staff on issues of radicalisation and extremism, especially concerning the “returnees” of foreign militants, as well as the conditions of radicalisation and extremism prevailing in prisons, as well as in reception and accommodation points of migrants and refugees.


The results of this Action will be harnessed by KEMEA in the following ways:

• Dissemination of the results to law enforcement agencies.
• Open access through the dedicated website to all the deliverables (training manuals, simulation games, etc.) by Law Enforcement Officials and Professionals.
• Presentation at high level conferences.
• Making use of the Conclusions of the Vigilance Exercise to promote internal Co-operation and updating the crisis management tools on terrorism and extremism.
• Creation of special seminars and lectures by KE.ME.A., in cooperation with the Police Academy.
• Contribution to the European projects implemented by KEMEA in relation to radicalisation.
• Creation of special training programs for prison staff, as well as the Memorandum of Cooperation between KEMEA and the General Secretariat for Crime Policy.
Additional information about the mission and actions of KEMEA can be found here.

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