The Contribution of EU.


In recent years, the E.U. has proposed and adopted a series of measures to prevent and combat radicalisation leading to extremism and terrorism. In this context, the EU assigns an important role to professionals, especially Law Enforcement Agencies, by designing and financing actions for education, awareness raising, networking and generally empowerment of Law Enforcement Officials. E.U. measures include:

•Addressing radicalisation and recruitment to terrorism through the Internet.
• Training, reinforcement and involvement of first-line professionals from different sectors.
• Supporting further research on the trends and challenges of radicalisation and recruitment of terrorist groups.
• Training professionals to prevent radicalisation.
• Amplifying research focusing on the trends of radicalisation and evaluating existing practices that could be diffused.
• Raising awareness and reinforcing cooperation of first-line professionals (border guards, customs officers, port officials, immigration reception officials etc.) on issues of recognition and management of terrorists and radicalised individuals or groups.
• Involving local communities, which in turn helps the action’s cause to reach younger population
• Raising awareness and educating first-line professionals to identify radicalisation signs.
• Developing relationships of trust between the police and local communities.
• Fighting terrorist propaganda and illegal internet hate speech.
• Addressing radicalisation in prisons.


In this context, the initiative to implement the Action “Enhancement of Law Enforcement Agencies to identify and counter radicalisation and extremism” is based both on national imperatives and on the importance the European Union attaches to the development of all actions above.