W.P. 7: Dissemination – Publicity

The last Work Package includes the dissemination and publicity of educational material, the two training manuals, the results of the educational programs and the Action in its entirety, to raise awareness amongst the public, as well as inform specific target groups. Publicity actions concern:

• The creation of the Action’s Website.
• The holding of five (5) Informative Days in the region, specifically in the cities of Larissa, Thessaloniki, Patra, Alexandroupolis and Chania.
• The distribution of Informative Material (Brochures-Discounts) of the Action.
• The publication of the two educational manuals, the results of the education process, and the Action as a whole, in scientific and informative journals and daily papers.
• The presentation of the Action at two (2) Conferences abroad, aiming at maximizing the dissemination of the Action and the exchange of best practices.
• The organization of a closing Conference in Athens.